ICT for Sustainable Consumption? Not Without a Sustainable-Values Social Framework

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  • Auteurs : Robert Rattle
  • Editeurs : Consumers, commodities & consumption, a newsletter of the Consumer studies research network, vol 5, no 1
  • Type pédagogique : Article
  • Mots clés : TIC, consommation durable
  • Description : "Recent years have seen the enthusiastic adoption of the Internet and communications technologies (ICT)--development of the knowledge economy-- notwithstanding the recent technology bubbleexperienced in global stock markets. ICT has been widely promoted as, among other things, an important strategy to improve the energy and materials intensity of the economy and, correspondingly, reduce energy and materials consumption. The reasoning is that dematerialising the economy and immaterialising consumer preferences can lead to greatly improved efficiencies. It is assumed that by shifting economic activities towards a service oriented economy, environmental impacts can be reduced."